About Jeremy

Learning isn’t just for kids — it’s a lifelong adventure! My name is Jeremy and I work with university students, parents and business professionals who are looking for help to improve their written and spoken English.

For university students, I provide proofreading help, brainstorming sessions, and writer’s workshops. I've taught at the university level and can give you tips and tricks to help you become a better academic writer.

For parents, I can help you stay on pace with your child as they learn English, or I can show you how you can teach your child yourself through normal family activities.

And for professionals, I offer writing coaching. I’m a book editor and speech writer by trade, so if you need some help with your presentations, reports or publications, I’d be happy to help.

What Parents & Clients Say About Jeremy

“Jeremy helped my son discover his love for writing and my daughter to launch into art and drawing. Thanks to the learning environment he’s fostered, my kids are actually enjoying school – something that is rare to see these days!”



“I’m glad I asked Jeremy to review my work before sending it to my supervisor. He helped me to reorganize the structure and flow of my text, and it made way more sense after he was done with it. Plus, my boss loved it!”