About Ms. Lili

Hi! My name is Lili. I am an ESL teacher for grades K-12, and I especially love working with younger students. I have a M.Ed. from the University of Maryland and hold a TESOL certificate.

With three years of international teaching experience in a school setting, five years of private tutoring with kids, teens, adults and businesses, and a lifetime of having a blast with kids at camps, orphanages and conferences, I am your go-to gal!

Working with kids is so exciting for me because kids are constantly learning and growing. They see everything with eyes of wonder and their way of looking at the world inspires me every day.


About Mr. Ben

My name is Ben, and I'm a middle school and high school teacher who loves to laugh! Whether you're studying World War I or reading your first work of William Shakespeare, I'm here to help you make it a lot more fun.

I teach English, French, Math, History and Geography, so no matter where you're needing a boost, I can probably help you out.

I have an M.Ed. from the University of Ottawa, and I've been working with kids and young adults for over a decade. When I'm not in the classroom, you'll find me on the basketball court or the football field!

I can't wait to meet you and to start working with you!


About Jeremy

Learning isn’t just for kids — it’s a lifelong adventure! My name is Jeremy and I work with university students, parents and business professionals who are looking for help to improve their written and spoken English.

For university students, I provide proofreading help, brainstorming sessions, and writer’s workshops. I've taught at the university level and can give you tips and tricks to help you become a better academic writer.

For parents, I can help you stay on pace with your child as they learn English, or I can show you how you can teach your child yourself through normal family activities.

And for professionals, I offer writing coaching. I’m a book editor and speech writer by trade, so if you need some help with your presentations, reports or publications, I’d be happy to help.

How We Teach

Our main purpose is to inspire students to have a desire to learn English. We provide a positive and caring learning environment, where students feel free to make language mistakes and take risks.

Since no two kids are the same, we spend time getting to know our students so that we can craft lessons that fit their specific needs. Once the motivation is there, students will see rapid progress in language acquisition.

Like a delicious pizza, we incorporate four ingredients into each of our lessons:

- The crust: students’ curiosity and interests guide the learning process. (This base holds everything together.)

- The sauce: hands-on activities are used to make the lesson stick. (A pizza isn't a pizza without a delicious sauce. In the same way, a lesson is only a lesson if students take something away.)

- The cheese: students have ample time to practice new language skills they have just learned in various ways. (The best pizzas have a specially selected blend of cheeses. Our lessons are the same: we carefully choose a mix of practice activities so all of our students will thrive.)

- The toppings: students are free to share ideas and to be themselves. (Everybody likes their pizza a bit different!)

We believe that anyone can learn and master English if they are learning in a stimulating atmosphere and having fun in the process. We hope to see you in our class soon!

Flexible Scheduling

Crazy busy? Need a specific pace for your learning? Don’t worry.

  • Face-to-face option: Send us a message and if one of our teachers is in your area, we can set up face-to-face lessons.
  • Virtual learning: With Zoom and other video chat platforms at our fingertips, your first session can be the next available spot on the calendar.
  • Quick responses: We’ll respond to you within 24 hours when you send an appointment request.
  • Last-minute availability. In a bind? We can block off several days for some intensive sessions.
  • Flexible scheduling. We have students on four continents. Our working hours are flexible to accommodate your schedule and time zone.
  • Worry-free learning. Not sure about learning online? Don’t worry. We’ll make it feel natural in no time!
On-Call English

Working Hours

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are here to support you at any time and any day of the week.

Please message us and we will find a time that fits your schedule.

Contact Us

What Parents Say About Us

“Classes with Mr. Ben have been a game changer for my son who used to want nothing to do with school. Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm with him. Your constant positivity has made all the difference!”



“Ms. Lili keeps my twins engaged in every lesson while also keeping me in the loop of their progress. I highly recommend her top-notch programs that are truly kid-focused.”



“Mr. Ben’s approach to teaching my 7th grader and 9th grader has been so fun that my kids do not want the sessions to end. I highly recommend signing up with Mr. Ben after seeing my kids’ growth and interest in studying skyrocket.”



“Jeremy helped my son discover his love for writing and my daughter to launch into art and drawing. Thanks to the learning environment he’s fostered, my kids are actually enjoying school – something that is rare to see these days!”



“I’m glad I asked Jeremy to review my work before sending it to my supervisor. He helped me to reorganize the structure and flow of my text, and it made way more sense after he was done with it. Plus, my boss loved it!”



“My kids love Ms. Lili! I feel so lucky to have found a teacher that constantly provides such a caring and fun environment for my children to learn in.”