Starting December 12, 2099

Want to know the best way to improve your English? Conversations with a native speaker! If you’re looking to start something new with your child, this is a great opportunity to grow together. Grab some tea and crumpets or just a good ol’ mug of coffee and let’s get started.

Choose from one of these three 50-minute classes designed to help you or your child become a more natural English speaker:

Classroom Chit Chat: In this class, we practice all the basics for having conversations with your coworkers and clients. Whether it’s asking “get to know you” questions, sharing your opinion or having a heated debated on a big headline, you won’t be fumbling for words anymore.

Family Time: Family meals are special moments. By learning how to talk about your day, your best memories, your hobbies, and your goals, you can practice your English as a family while having fun at the dinner table. Choose this class to learn laid-back English for a fun meal together.

Drama Practice: For the performer in all of us, let loose in this dynamic class. You’ll learn how to express yourself in English in various role play scenarios ranging from typical daily errands like grocery shopping, to wild story lines where you and your friends are superheroes. Available for intermediate or advanced students.

Classroom Chit Chat and Drama Practice classes are private or semi-private (1 to 5 students), ensuring individualized attention for your child. Family Time classes are personalized for one family at a time (rates negotiable depending on the number of people).

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